Burks injury

Burks took a helmet to helmet shot to the head at about the 13 minute mark 2nd quarter. He stayed in for at least 1 more play and then stayed on the bench. Hopefully he’s not going through concussion proticall.

I’m watching the replay to enjoy every second again…

Hopeful we get him back quick

It’s a miracle we won without Burks and Boyd. The offense sure can’t sustain a drive without them. The offense wasn’t sharp with them either.
I hope Burks and Boyd can return to action next weekend.

Burks is getting a MRI tomorrow on his knee, at least according to his Instagram acct, or so I was told. No swelling, which is good.

Maybe coach will have some good info on the injuries tonight on his show.

Coaches aren’t going to say much on injuries, especially when they don’t know the results yet.

His show was taped before he could know.

Treylon Burks will be back at practice today, Sam Pittman said, as will Rakeem Boyd. Grant Morgan’s left arm is fine, Montaric Brown “may or may not be at practice today” but they feel like he’ll be available on Saturday. Julius Coates should be back this week, Dorian Gerald’s status is still up in the air.


That sounds about as good as we can hope

Yes sir. Not bad at all. A little toughness goes a long way. It’s a lot easier to get back out and strap on the pads after a win.

That’s great news on Boyd, Burks, and Morgan. Good news on Brown and Coates. I really hope Dorian can get back quickly. I think he was destined for a great year if healthy.

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