Burks' injury and surgery

I’m shocked there is nothing on this board about this, unless I somehow missed it. It’s all over other boards. It’s been reported it was his ACL and he’s already had surgery in Little Rock. The info I read was coming out of Warren?

Is this bogus information floating around the boards?

Google “Treylon Burks ACL” and you get … nothing.

When would he have hurt it? They play tonight. Could have hurt it in practice obviously but again there is zero on the web.

Methinks you ran into fake news.

Not fake. Had surgery yesterday

You think it’s on the internet? Well, actually it is, on every pay board and HV. He tore his ACL against DeWitt and had surgery yesterday. He’s out for the season, naturally.

Unless every schedule I can find is wrong, they play DeWitt at 7 p.m. tonight. Which brings the rest of it into great question.

What the hell is an HV?

Just about to post also…DeWitt is tonight.

Oh I guess HV refers to Lanny’s compendium of net guano, as an old poster used to be fond of saying.

There is a reason I don’t go to any of those other boards, pay or otherwise. I don’t have the patience to figure out what is real and what is net guano. Dudley and Richard may not have it first, but they’ll have it correct when they do.

Whatever floats your boat.

Of course you say that. I see your enthusiastic participation over there in spreading the rumors.

He had surgery yesterday. The reason nothing has been posted here is because I’m awaiting on the official word because I was told they didn’t want to put anything out there that was incorrect.

I have a story ready to go, but waiting on the exact details before it’s posted.


just because its on another board doesn’t mean its wrong. some sites do a very good job. turns out it was not fake news, instead of slamming another poster admit you are wrong and possible thank him for the information… just because don’t have it first don’t slam the poster. read the rules about slamming other posters or do we make those up as we go. oops. might ban me

I’m told Bo Hembree announced he was out for the season. The injury was non-contact part of the game.

thanks for the net guano richard. lol

Don’t sweat it - never has one poster been more wrong about more things than Mr. Fusion. Don’t think he’s ever crossed swords with me and come out unscathed!

This is so sad for Treylon, and for the Hogs. Great kid and great talent that sure didn’t deserve this. If it is indeed, an ACL, what are the chances he could be 100% ready next September?

<LINK_TEXT text=“https://share.upmc.com/2015/04/recovery … n-surgery/”>https://share.upmc.com/2015/04/recovery-time-for-acl-reconstruction-surgery/</LINK_TEXT>

Thanks. That makes it look like it’s at least a possibility that he could be ready by August fall camp.

Bo Hembree has a great weight program @ Warren that should handle his rehab plus, instead of playing basketball or baseball, he will be lifting weights. Look for him to put on 10-20 good pounds of core and upper body strength. That puts him maybe starting to run routes in the summer. Knox and Nash are two of the other 4* receivers who will go through spring ball at Arkansas, so they will have a leg up on Treylon. He may redshirt and become a beast of a receiver or an elite outside linebacker. We need great athletes at linebacker and a bigger and better Treylon Burks could be very elite there. JMVVVHO.