Burks Hurt today

They just Said Treylon got carted off today,hope it’s not real serious

Dang I sure hate to hear that. Praying for the best for Traylon.

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Right foot injury. Seen on crutches with a boot after game.

Well I hate to hear that hopefully he’ll be able to come back sometime this year

As they always say, get your money up front. Me, I had to wait on social security.


I feel your pain.

His big contract is the next one. He needs to stay healthy. I know he didn’t mean to get hurt today but questions about his heath and durability could cost him a lot of money down the road. Really pulling for him to have a long a prosperous career in the NFL.

So what did he do??

I can’t find anything official on the injury. I am guessing they will do test tomorrow and we will hear something soon after that.

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He’s out next week for sure according to reports. No specific info on exact injury. On crutches. I watched some of that game and he had a niece gain on a end around.

I was watching the game. First, he made a really good hands-only snag of a short bullet pass, but when he turned upfield one of the two guys that tackled him rolled up one of his ankles. They did take him from the sidelines into the dressing room on a golf cart.

Saw a tweet that said it was turf toe. May go on IR.

That is a nasty debilitating injury.

Interesting that on the ESPN Titans depth chart, his backup is Cody Hollister, another former Hog.

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Burks ruled out for this weekend’s game…

Treylon placed on the IR, out for at least 4 weeks…

Oh man hate that! But at least he’ll be back for the majority of the season