Bumper status

Hey, I may have slept through this but can someone help me. Is Bumper hurt or are they putting on a red shirt this year?

haven’t heard anything about being hurt he’s just learning from 2 very good Lb’ers

I recall Chavis saying he wanted to rest his LBers during the game. Has Pool had any minutes lately?

Pool has played in every game. His snaps decreased when Greenlaw returned.

Bumper is playing more on special teams than in snaps from scrimmage. Dre Greenlaw isn’t coming off the field much if at all.

I know he’s young but wonder if Bumper stays long term as it appears we are on a few juco linebackers to bring in more speed etc immediately.

Bumper and his sister Maddie - who is with football support team and at every practice - love it here.

He wants to play more as would anybody, but understands he has two great linebackers in front oh him and Hayden Henry has played well.

Bumper is not one of these kids who will just take his ball and go home.

I can’t imagine him wanting to go anywhere.

Bumper is not quite ready for primetime but shows exciting potential.

Bumper’s time will come. Don’t think he’s the type that expects anything to just be handed to him. He will work for it & that will be the best for him & the team.