Bumper Pool's two broken ribs


Any insight on how Bumper Pool received his broken ribs? How painful is it to play with broken ribs and what treatment is he receiving? I’m amazed he is even playing.

IMHO, UA has players who quit or decide to sit out the season for personal reasons. Then we have players like Bumper Pool and Grant Morgan who literally give everything they’ve got for their teammates, coaches and school.

LBs Grant Morgan and Bumper Pool may not be Five Star recruits with incredible freaking size and speed, but they are most definitely Five Star teammates who lead by example. I’m so incredibly proud of these young men, their fellow teammates and coaches. Can’t ask for anything more than what they have already given.


I agree…I’ll take those two any day. I agree with your sentiments!
I will say this…Grant Morgan was indeed not highly recruited…and look at what kind of player he is!

But Bumper Pool was highly recruited. I don’t remember how many stars, but I do remember Cay Henry saying Nick Saban really wanted Bumper.

I’ve had bruised ribs. It hurt to breathe, to reach for things, to roll over in bed. Imagine getting blocked by 320-pound offensive linemen when your ribs hurt like that, and I suspect broken ribs are worse than bruised. I didn’t notice if he was wearing any extra padding last night, but even that doesn’t completely protect you.

Pool was listed as the #18 ILB prospect by 247. A four-star. He had a lot of offers, from the likes of Alabama, Michigan, LSU, A&M, and USC. He certainly didn’t come out of nowhere. I think his level of play only came as a surprise because of the team he plays for.

I’m sure that there are players opting out of the season for good reasons. I also think the term ‘opt out’ is beginning to devolve into a nice way of saying cop out. Which is what you do when you quit for dubious reasons. Grant and Bumper are warriors. Franks, Boyd and Burks are also probably playing through a lot if pain.

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Bumper was hurt week one, but kept playing as long as he could.

I cracked my ribs when I was 21. I couldn’t imagine playing football through it.

I broke a rib in a hunting fall once. I could not stand to breathe. A cough would put me on the floor. I can’t imagine playing football with that!

The treatment for a broken or cracked rib – and that’s what I think they are, cracked ribs – is to take a shot straight into that area and numb it. It’s done a lot in football.

I think “displacement” is the difference. Cracked, or hair-line fracture without displacement you can play through by numbing. Broken with displacement usually means a long recovery and if it’s fully displaced, probable surgery.

In my late 40s, I broke 2 ribs (in the rear) with slight displacement 2 days before a ski trip. I begged the Dr to give me something so I could still go (even though I could barely stand it to breathe). I had no surgery, but Dr said no strenuous activity, including golf for 3 months. Pain pills and rest, and I was fine 3 months later. X-rays showed full healing with no additional displacement.

I don’t think we know how often a football player is out there with cracked ribs. I don’t know how they do it, but I think they take the shot and play with cracked ribs a lot. You may need to miss a game or two (like Bumper), but it’s done. I doubt I could do that.

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