Bumper Pool

will be back in Fayetteville for the Alabama game.

Kid has a great family.

Enjoyed visiting with them at Lovejoy.

Bumper is intriguing. When he visited Bama, the local recruiting sports writer quoted him as loving his trip. And of all games to visit, he visits us vs Bama.

I’d love for Bumper to vote Hogs in the end, and hope Saban sees him on the Hog’s sidelilne calling those hogs! SabaNation did think Bumper was theirs to lose. Haven’t seen him mentioned in local paper lately, but I rarely read their recruiting column.

Bumper has been to about 10 Razorback games in the last three years.

This year alone I think he has been to three and coming to see Arkansas play Alabama will be his fourth - counting Texas A&M at Arlington.

Both his sister and girlfriend are students at the University of Arkansas.

I seriously doubt that he will make his choice on the winner of this Saturday’s Arkansas-Alabama game

Thanks Dudley and that’s good info, and kind of why I get on these boards. Working out of state, so — hard to keep up some time. Sounds like we at least have a good shot with Bumper playing for the Hogs ---- but you would never know it if you only read national recruiting sites. Don’t think I saw where Arkansas was even mentioned.