Bumper Pool

Sounds like Bumper may have played his last game as a Razorback. Per Sam, he’s dealing with a couple of injuries, and he thought Bump was done a few weeks ago. The young man gave the program everything he had.


What a shame if true. He’s been a terrific Hog.


Yes he was a great Hog. Spirit is still with him but his body said Uncle.


Once it comes out, some people will regret some the criticism they put out about Bumper.


Yeah you can tell he was not moving well laterally at all he was pretty good head on but just didn’t have the mobility like he did when he was healthy.

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he has a bad hip and shoulder, maybe both involve labrum would be my bet. Arthrosopy as soon as season is over would be my prediction for his spring semester. Has he gotten his degree already?

Based on just watching him the last two or three months, it’s been pretty obvious that he’s not physically where he was earlier in his career. He’s still a good football player, but he has not been a great player physically in a while. I respect the hell out of him for gutting it out and giving us the time to grow Pooh Paul into a quality LB, and I also deeply appreciate the way he’s shown all the young guys what it’s all about. I’m glad he walked off the field the last time as a big winner.

By the way, I named one of my cats Bumper right after he signed with the Hogs. So I’ve always been a Bumper Pool fan. Thanks, Bumper.


It looked like he gave his everything last Saturday. I’m so thankful he elected to become a Razorback, and proud of his performance and career.

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By all accounts, Mr. Pool is a good man, from a good family, who are all, all Hog.

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You are so correct. Great Hog family.

I hope nobody accuses him of quitting on the Hogs with two games left just over a couple of bruises.


Whether he’s played his last down as a Hog or not, Bumper has exemplified what hard work can accomplish. Now holds the all time tackles record as a Razorback.
Thank You Bumper Pool.


Quality human being…raised right…proud he played for us…


Tip my hat to Bumper and his family, they are sold out Razorback family and we have been blessed to have had them in our program. Bumper has shown where hard work and discipline can take you in life, forever a Razorback favorite. WPS

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