Bumper Pool

He’s having a tough time going to sleep because he’s so excited about today. He’s dreamed and worked so hard for this and it’s finally here. Today’s his last day of high school too so he’s going to try and soak it all in. It’s very surreal for him.

Speaking of sleep, do you ever sleep, Richard?

Had trouble sleeping like Bumper.

I know some are focusing on those who rejected the Hogs, especially those who reversed directions from previous commitment, but for me I will focus on the Bumper Pools who is excited beyond belief to become a Hog and the Conner Nolands, who invited competition for the betterment of the team rather than run from it. These kids are the type of kids I feel good about moving our program forward.
No intent to slight others signing now or in February, just noting these more visible stories, because I am very excited about all of them and believe they all will be assets to the Hogs and young men worthy of our support. Future Hogs “come on down”.

Keith…great post. I feel the same way. WPS

The last thing we need is a QB who is afraid of
competition. Georgia inked one of the highest
rated QBs in the country. He obviously wasn’t
scared away from the great young QB’s that
the Dogs already have in place.
The dude from the small town in Arkansas
was afraid he couldn’t match up with the
QBs the Hogs already have and one Mr. Connor

Chicken S$%^. No salad. No backbone.