Bumper Pool

Been told he’s out on Saturday.

That’s not a shock the way he was moving in the last game. He was hurting!

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We are not particularly deep at the linebacker position, but if what you’ve been told is correct, it has to be “next man up”! Linebacker play is very important against this offense.

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Oh boy, our defense is in trouble. We already got a walk-on in the two deep🤦🏾‍♂️.

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Maybe a postponement would be good. One we don’t need OM infecting our players and two we could use a bye

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From what I have heard he has two broken ribs.

Bumper has played great this season, & we need him on Saturday. As much as I look forward to watching the Hogs play, all for postponing so we can heal & to keep our players Covid free.

I knew it was just a matter of time before he was going to be out,he has been hurt a good bit already… One guy we really couldn’t afford to lose

Broken ribs. If that is it, he is out and will be out. Pain is sever and danger to do real, major damage is too high to risk.

If true, I wonder if they’re hairline fractures or displaced? Big difference in healing time. Sometimes displaced ribs require surgery.

I’m pulling for him,…wps

praying for Bumper

If they’re not displaced, a flak jacket could allow him to play. I assume we have such a thing.

These run and crash linebackers like Bumper need more muscle to endure the SEC. I think even Sam has said that. Sure hope he can play today with a flak jacket. Rib injuries suck.

Makes sense to keep him out if the pain is that bad. The bye week should help him heal to be ready for Halloween game.

Has this actually been confirmed?

Probably won’t be until warmups.

It is nothing new.

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