Bumper Pool

Did he play at all tonight? Is he hurt?

Yes. He played. Got held on one of their offensive TD’s in fact.

Dre played most of the game obviously.

And was named defensive player of the game for the Hogs on the radio.

Bumper did play

He played but no defensive stats.

It is amazing how much difference having Dre and Ramsey back make for this defense. Those 2 are studs that made this defense tough.

I thought I saw Richardson in on last punt return, does anybody know if he played? It helps to have him back on D as well.

Obviously Dre needs to play the majority of snaps, but he and Harris both need to be spelled some. Long season.

Richardson did not play.


Amen again!

Bumper has promise of course if he keeps working hard and hitting the weights, but Dre and Ramsey are critical seasoned players for us right now.

Will you double-check this? I’m also fairly certain I saw #30 on a kick coverage late in the game. And pretty sure it was K. Richardson on back of jersey.

Richardson played.

I saw #30 on special teams.

He was not on the participation chart.

I checked that too, but I’m telling you he played.

I bet my subscription on it.

#13 Nate Dalton played on special teams too and he wasn’t listed either. The participation chart isn’t 100% accurate.

I def saw a RichardsonIII on the back of a jersey on a punt return.