Bumper Pool update


Gotta love Bumper. I remember the first time I saw his name in recruiting news, wondering about his ability. He surpassed my expectations! Good Luck, Bumper Pool.


Great family. When you say Razorback, I see the Pool family first.


I wish him all the best!! that guy is a great player when he actually is healthy enough to move and strike like he’s capable


So now that the surgeries are over and he has graduated, what injuries did he have? Everyone on here talked like it was common knowledge about why his productivity dropped, but I never heard and no one ever said, what exactly was wrong with him. I would love to see Bumper thrive at the NFL level. We need more top flight players to cheer on.

He had injuries that required surgery to both hips and a hurt back. Pittman spoke about it multiple times and we reported it.

Pool family are friends at our church here in Plano & wonderful people. Can’t say enough good things about them. We are blessed to have them as Razorback family.

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belong on a Mt Rushmore or equivalent with Bequette and Henry family

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They’re from Plano too eh? I still recall Plano being BRS country!

From the adjacent Lucas area. Plano & other No Dallas suburbs are Razorback country for many college bound HS kids. My son’s HS, Plano West, refers to UofA as “Plano West North”.

Other top end families, Burnett, Mazzanti and Winston.

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