Bumper Pool tidbit

We all know about his father and aunts being Arkansas grads and his sister attends the UA.

Maybe I missed this somewhere, but his girlfriend is a freshman at Arkansas.

Oh no, didn’t DGB’s girlfriend attend UofA? (I could be remembering wrong, but I seem to recall that being said).

No, not that I’m aware of.

I think the DE that went to Stanford had both a sister and a girlfriend that went to the UA.

That may be what I was thinking of.

Regardless, It would be a big surprise if Bumper goes anywhere other than Arkansas.

Bumper and his Lovejoy mates had a maddening Friday, just past. Played West Mesquite and had a 37-6 lead late in the third quarter and lost 46-37.

Kinda reminded me of the A&M thing Saturday night.

Dudley can tell you all about it.

Yes, it was nuts.

Felt bad for the young man and his coach, but they were both stand up guys after the loss