Bumper Pool scheduled to run


The great Secretariat lost his first race on July 4,1972 with a fourth place finish. WPS

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One of the reasons why I’m a big fan of the sport.

I was at Oaklawn in the mid 70’s and put $10 on the nose for Sidney’s Pride. He went off with 100-1 odds. My Rodeo buddy Sidney Boston had tragically died just months prior. So I bet from my heart and $10 was a lot for me in those days. Sidney’s Pride led the entire race until just yards from the finish line. I was standing at the line and saw the other horse nose him out. Oh well…my buddy Sidney as a good one.


Better run better or its the glue factory.

Nah, he’ll just hit the transfer portal and go run at Delta Downs, or some lesser track.:wink:

nah, Dash has him plotted to Indiana and Oklahoma for future racing. Dash Goff at 81 must be a riot, always been a great entertainer. Amazed that he is still active.

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I have always dodged Dash. He goes to a different beat. I’m being kind.

Bumper was scratched Sunday morning. Not sure if it was medical or the desire to run at later time.

He entered the portal.

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