Bumper Pool impressed with 2017 class


Okay. I guess I’m completely out of the loop or paying even less attention than I thought, but who is bumper pool?

Very important 4 star Linebacker commit for 2018.

This class takes care of everything except Def Line. We can build off of this class and some impressive RS freshman. We already have a good start on 2018

While he sounds like a potentially great player, I have concerns about his name. I’m imagining RB’s just bumping off of him. I wish his name was Thumper.

You could call him Thumper because he damn sure thumps 'em.

I love the name and am “imagininghim bumping off of the OL, TE, or FB trying to block him and making a perfect tackle on the helpless RB.

There was only one “Thumper”…Wayne Harris.

Wayne “Thumper” Harris


Thanks for the response. Haven’t followed recruiting closely this year. Obviously way behind on 2018 recruits. Glad he’s happy with what he sees.

What a great Hog, the best form tackler I ever saw at Arkansas…

This kids parents and pretty sure grandparents all attended Arkansas. Think some played football here.

Ain’t it great talking about recruits one to two years away. Go hogs