Bumper, Montaric, and Ridge

Are these the only 3 seniors that have been extended opportunities for another year by claiming “super senior” status? I could see possibly a few others…but are these three the only ones that are known to have been offered to come back that have not already made a decision public like Dalton Wagner?



Foucha is one that I was probably most curious about. Not super talented…but seems to be an emotional leader.

If you look at the roster I think we had more “super seniors” than traditional seniors this year. We also had some that were redshirt juniors that walked at Senior Day so that tells me their Hog careers are probably over and they are moving on.

I don’t know of any others.

Thanks Clay. I thought that might be the case. I thought maybe that Dorian Gerald might be in the mix…but I think it is possible that it was a mutual decision for him to move on. His eligibility might be exhausted as well; just not sure how that works with all of the injuries he has had.

The last two “senior” classes gave us all they had and were an important bridge to a brighter future…but it is time to keep injecting new (and hopefully continually more talented) blood into the program.

I think Dorian would be coming back for a 7th year. I doubt that the NCAA would approve that.

I saw Gerald watching through the glass at the interviews after the Missouri game. So he’s still around. Getting another year would be interesting.

I think it would be quite predictable Clay. Dorian would work his tail off to get back in game shape. He would look really good in the Spring and into the Fall practices. We would get our hopes up and by game 2 at the latest, he would suffer a season ending injury. Hate it for him, but he is just one of those players who are injury prone and can’t stay on the field.

But it happened some how, we would be very pleased because he was projected as starter going into this year and has shown the skill set. I suspect he will not be playing for Hawgs next fall.

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