Bumper is back

Needed some good news!


That is awesome news!! Hopefully he can stay healthy so he can be a huge leader for us!! Thank you Bumper you are a loyal Razorback!!


So true. What a loyal Hog. Thank you to Bumper and his family.


Best news since Catalon. Thrilled Bumper is coming back.

That’s great news and makes me feel (along with Catalon returning despite his brother transferring out) that there’s not a team culture issue on the defensive side of the ball that some fans, myself included, assumed there was with Foucha and Brooks leaving

Needed that!! Woo Pig Sooie!

Hats off to Bumper Pool, a ray of sunshine on a rainy week ! Wish him nothing but the best and thank you! WPS

I said I would chime in after his decision.

Bumper was telling people he was coming back. Without going into details, there were other things working in Arkansas’ favor other than the obvious family history with the Hogs.

While he led the team in tackles with 125, he did so by playing only 499 snaps. The least amount amount the LBs He made a solo or an assisted tackle every four snaps.


Maddie would have kicked his butt if he left.

Kudos to Maddie

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Good parenting…

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Ashley would’ve killed him too.

Awesome news! :+1:

To have Catalon and Pool together is a big deal. I think there will be enough talent in the secondary. Would not surprise me to see Chavis at corner or Slusher at corner.

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Clay do you remember Zac Painter, how he played CB under Danny Ford, but when HDN and Keith Burns came in they moved him to kind of a rover , nickel back his Sr year? Ole Zac was a player that year! Do you think Hudson Clark could play that spot?

I watched the outback bowl , Clark can hit a little bit ….

Just curious what your thoughts on that are …

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They need corners more than they need safeties right now. When they play zone, Hudson is fine at corner.

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