Bummer for me, but not 4 thee

I’ve got a commitment I can’t get out of, and will be able to see little, if any of tonight’s game. On the positve side, the Hogs seem to do much better when I don’t have eyes on them. I was really stunned when I found out about the early tipoff. I thought with the game being played on the West Coast, I would have nothing to worry about. Oh well. WPS and GHG!!!

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Dude you need to get your priorities in order….


Said like a true Hog fan ! WPS


I will be watching no matter what time the tip off takes place.

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Well sorry eagle but let’s hope your self imposed trend follows suit by your not watching.

Word Bayou! My family & work knows to leave me the hell alone tonight.

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I saw the final 2:57. Incredible!!!


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