Being a freshman finally caught up w Cronin and taco comes in and throws 2 wild pitches. Maybe one was a passed ball. Disappointing and our Achilles heel all year.

We probably just gave it to them.cant stand to give games away.

we dont have the pitching to come out of the losers bracket. we better come back

Announcers keep saying kick had a passed ball. If that is the case he has hurt us tonight.

1st 1 was a passed ball, just stuck out his glove without moving his body, 2nd was a wild pitch for sure

Koch has wore his rear end out behind the plate this year. One passed ball didn’t cause the loss last night. I wonder how many of you are perfect! Croonin was amped up and wild hit the batter in the head and it got to him. I hope mentally he can recover. The breaks last night went against us. Today is another day.
The hogs players are young men. Some of them are 18 and 19 years old. Adults want to jump on a band wagon when they play well and when the team gets beat hammer them. That’s sure not a positive way to support ou hogs.