Bullpen Assessment

I’d be interested to hear what Matt, Clay, and Dudley think. My thoughts on our bullpen (other than Kopps) for any given weekend…

Monke: one outing, 2-3 innings
Costieu: 5 outs (per Matt), maybe multiple outings?
Bolden: one outing, 2-3 innings
Zeb: ???
Wiggins: ???

Obviously, the starting pitching was rough this weekend (Lockhart was great). I’m worried we are gonna wear Kopps out. Need others to step up.

Other options y’all are aware of? Corrections to my assessments?

And of course whatever develops with Noland…

Lockheart just ok? Dang. What does he have to do? Dude was stellar. He’s had some hard luck for some great starts. I think he’ll be fine going forward. It looks like a weekend off did some good.

Well, that comment was in parentheses…very little to do with the post as a whole.

But yes, he was really good while he was in there. I’d reserve “stellar” for someone who can go past the fifth inning.

Laughable. He gave them exactly what was asked for. Actually more. He will be back out there. His performance was nothing more than perfect. Four straight Zeroes. Four Goose eggs.

And he threw two innings midweek. I do not think you need more from him than that.

Yes you asked about bullpen but I kinda lost it when I saw that was just ok when put in perspective what had happened early in other games.

The dude set the tone for a 3-2 win on Sunday.

I do not know if parentheses diminish something or not. But I didn’t make it past. Sorry.

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Edited the original post. Yes, he gave them exactly what was asked for. You’re correct.

Hoping someone can now address the post as a whole…

I don’t think the door is closed on Wiggins pitching at the back end of a game, if needed.

Your assessments of Monke and Costeiu are about the same as mine.

Prior to Game 3, Dave Van Horn said Bolden has earned his way into the rotation. Did he mean starting rotation? Not sure, but it seemed Pallette pitched better in relief than he has as a starter. Perhaps he and Bolden will switch roles moving forward.

I think Vermillion and Noland can be used in a variety of ways. They can be inning eaters if their stuff is good.

The bullpen arm not mentioned here who I think is going to play a role down the stretch is Heston Tole. He was moving around in the bullpen during the ninth inning yesterday, but I’m not sure if there was anymore to it than that. He has pitched well when he has been given the chance, and he has pitched well in the scrimmages between games.

I’m with Matt on the ones to look to get some some work the rest of the way: Noland, Vermillion and Tole.

Thanks for your thoughts! Ready to see Noland get back to his normal self…and excited about the possibility of Tole!

Kopps getting into the 110-120 PC range each weekend is worrying me a bit. He does seem superhuman though…:man_shrugging:

I wondered about Tole up and getting a little lose. I figured he was going to stick with Kopps through the 9th and why not, but would need somebody for the 10th if it came to that.

I too have been concern about Kopps throwing far too many pitches. I don’t know if it is a result of that, but he was not as effective at TN as he has been (still great, but slipping a little?). There must be somebody to pitch the 6th and 7th and the starters must get it through the 5th (not too much to ask if you are going to start. I always go back to Mr. Gibson - the game is 9 innings so I plan on pitching 9!)

Here is the breakdown by series of late:

Ole Miss 88
Auburn 76
Texas A&M 72
LSU 67
Georgia 111
Tennessee 125

It is growing by weekend.

I actually thought Kopps threw well in Knoxville. He and every other pitcher got squeezed in the first game and that drove his pitch count up. With a different umpire that might have been a 45-pitch outing. Instead it was 66.

He was almost untouchable in the second game until the final inning, which is understandable given how many pitches he had thrown to get to that point.

I totally agree about Tole! this guy throws strikes and a hard slider that really nobody on the team but Bolden throws and that is a pitch that is equally difficult for LH and RH to handle just ask Mariano Rivera,I really would like to see him and Noland this week because I think both can play potentially huge roles in the post season

I thought he threw well in Knoxville the 2nd game but hung more balls in game one than he has all season and very fortunate a HR wasn’t hit but was back in from game 2 same thing in the GA series.

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