Bulletin board material

is what I see in the posts regarding the young man choosing to go to AU.

Don’t get me wrong, the announcement broke my heart, but disparaging him here seems to me to be senseless. Not that the reaction is not predictable, mind you.

Someone mentioned burning bridges…that is what I see happening. And I know that is just fine for a lot of folks, but again, why? You don’t have to make public everything you think. If that good-looking girl turns me down, I’m not gonna belittle her publicly…I might have another opportunity in the future.

My grandmother once told me, besides that fish-head advice, she said, “Son, you’ll catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.”

Suck it up and show young Mr. White some kindness! (And class, and restraint!)



Not very many do I see…100% will happen EVERY TIME by a FEW. :sunglasses:

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Signing day is 10 months away. A lot can happen including watching Dan Enos develop KJ and our offense into exactly what he is looking for. You never know.


I’ve not seen anyone ripping the kid on this board; more like questioning why our coaching staff didn’t pursue him harder.

I agree 100%, KJ comes out slinging it with a high QB rating and everything could change no doubt, good point. WPS


OK, hogq. Not sure if “ripping the kid” is exactly how I perceive the posts, but let’s just say I saw very little, if any, positive, encouraging type statements that he could look to if he was ever in a position to reconsider.

Draw from this whatever you choose… It’s relevant to the situation.

Sometimes I think there is a very thin yet HARD Line that has to be drawn.
Wanting/demanding the BEST on the field will be the ones who play vs.
relationships-friendships-favors-kin-ships-history etc…
It won’t make everyone in the stadium happy so put them big-boy panties on and GHG!.

I don’t think they are reading message boards. Nor do I think message board material would prohibit WW from reconsidering Arkansas even if they were reading them.

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You may be right, hogq, but the admins have mentioned more than once that family members are here. I don’t KNOW about the Whites’ presence and I don’t KNOW what might be said that would p!$$ somebody off, but I can see it happening. Yes, from something said on a sports message board, and it really doesn’t seem all that far-fetched to me.

I saw little to no bashing of him on our boards. Not sure of others but the concern I voiced when it was announced was my hopes that the crazies on Twitter keep it together and stay as classy as they can.

What we also must realize that the family probably has been prepared for some backlash from our fans because he was so wanted to be seen in a Hogs uni. Right or wrong, I have a feeling they were prepared for it. Just glad I really haven’t seen anything bad on this board! Just more frustration than anything, me included!


I complimented the young man. Said how impressed I was with his comments during his announcement. I wish him well in life, but an endless series of 3 and outs and a TD/Int ratio of 0-100 as an Aubrun Quarterback. OK maybe a little success against Ole Miss. Sounds like a great young man from a fine family. Signing day for the class of 24 is still a long ways off. Anything can happen.


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