Buh bye Texass!

Abilene Christian’s Joe Pleasant, a 59% foul shooter, drilled two shots with 1.2 seconds left to beat the Fallopians. ACU 53, Losers 52.


Clay Henry must be smiling big right now!

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Our non-con keeps looking better and better! Texas will never win squat in basketball. If you can’t win with Kevin Durant, you will never win nothing. Go Hogs!

Fallopians turned it over 23 times, most by Texass in a few years. ACU led the nation in forcing turnovers, and did it to the Whorns.

Makes it a very good day! I pulled so hard for ABC. Couldn’t believe he made that 1st FT. Figure then it was going to OT. No way he makes the 2nd. Rattled around and went in. You know they must be happy to beat Big Brother.

I’m getting my car and driving to Abilene to celebrate!


Not trying to take anything away from Abilene, but I wondered how Texas would have fared at Kentucky if that game wasn’t cancelled during the Big 12 - SEC Challenge. Personally, I thought the Hogs win there was huge…like defeating a monster. Still, perhaps the two best SEC teams, the Hogs and Bama, drew the short straws requiring travel to Oklahoma, playing good, close, but losing games.

Last night, Abilene’s intensity was amazing, including the big guy from LR.

That was funny hawgjawbend! I saw what you did.

I think exactly the opposite. Both Arkansas and Bama had to go on the road since they played at home the year before. And they could have drawn Baylor, Texas (which was riding high at that time) or Kansas.

I meant many of our SEC brethren got easier games at home.

:rofl: :rofl:

Look at all the masks on those folks. Covid outbreak at ACU 10 9 8 …

Very few in West Texas believe in masks. Not surprising.

Interesting that ut Austin is currently tearing down their 17k seat & recently updated basketball stadium & replacing it with a new 10k seat stadium that will cost them $338M to accommodate their med school expansion.

ut has resolved itself to being a football school with basketball never getting much fan support. Despite the 52k enrollment & Austin being a large city, hard to believe ut fans can only draw attendance for a stadium approx. the same size as Barnhill. They believe that a much smaller stadium enables ut to sell out basketball games & offer a “cozy” game day environment.

I like Wildcats now. Purple ones.

Tears of joy last night.

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