Buffalo Qb?

Any recent news on Buffalo qb transfer?

Have not seen anything, but it is a dead period.

Which doesn’t stop the communication, just the visits and in-homes.

Coaches can make phone calls once a week during the Dead Period.
Unlimited, text messages, e-mails and facsimiles during the Dead Period.
No face to face meeting on or off campus during the Dead Period.

Really guys? :smiley:

Did you guys really think that having covered recruiting 33 years that I didn’t know that?

He can not come visit the campus yet. He had no contact with them before.

All the coaches are taking some time away from Fayetteville right now.

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It is a good time to get away for a minute and charge your batteries…

I doubt any final decisions will be made before official visits are made.

Or it could have been for those who didn’t know the rules. Your post gave the implication that there couldn’t be any communication due to the dead period. Excuse me/us for clarifying for others.

My bad.

As noted earluer, it’s been a tough time around the Dawson household this week.

No problem, speaking of the dead period, I guess Fields just texted LSU that he was enrolling, and no one from the football staff had any contact while he was on campus yesterday, how exactly does that work?

He’s a DC Defender of the XFL


This is about the 4th or 5th I’ve read so far today.