Buddy celebration of Hogs’ Elite 8


Celebration for being lucky, Idon.t think so… Baylor will kill them…Also MM better stick around for another year…When its cluch time CC is the best player we have…

Thanks for your ray of sunshine.


Where’d that loser come from?


Loser is right! Go away.


It takes a special kind of troll to crawl out from under the bridge when you just made the Elite Eight,


When our Hogs are identified as them…its clear they are not one of us…


Better to be lucky than good!

Guts aren’t lucky.


The baseball team sucks too. Don’t get me started on track…


Don’t know who your team is, but ours won the game. Teams who make the Big 8 are good teams & they’re also lucky. I’m thrilled & even more thrilled because the likes of you are disappointed.


It is absolutely crazy to discount a come from behind victory to go to the Elite Eight. The whole basketball organization worked hard to achieve this milestone. It has been 26 years since Arkansas played in the Elite Eight and I think this is an incredible accomplishment. The players and Muss and his staff deserve congratulations on this accomplishment. Any negative comments are ridiculous and if you feel that you must criticize this team you need to find another forum to spread your rat poison.


I think I know who his team is. I have seen 3-4 of the 25 who usually post on their message board who were saying how lucky we were, and how they were disappointed we won. It’s really sad considering their team has never won an NCAA tournament game. But typical for the few of them who are consumed with hatred for the Razorbacks.


If what I saw tonight was luck, then I saw it about 27 times this year. Now that’s dam lucky.

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Always that one guy… SMH#National championship or Bust!

This is as much an Arkansas Democrat Gazette site as it is Hawgs Illustrated. The ADG customers have a pretty easy path to this site. Probably some ASU fan that’s butt hurt that they don’t get nearly as much coverage as the Hogs in the state wide paper. This used to be HI subscribers back in the day. Now ADG is the parent company. That’s we get all this glorious access to Wally Hall

Tdj63, regarding wha t you just said, why isn’t Clay’s articles in the Demozette?

I wouldn’t be surprised. They claim we’re failures if we come in second in the CWS & will be failures in basketball this year if we lose a game in this tournament. It’s ironic for a fan of a school that’s never won a game in the NCAAT in either sport.

No doubt the big prize is the national championship, but in college athletics teams are also remembered for accomplishments that still fall short of winning it all. Final Fours & CWS appearances are memorable. Bowl wins are memorable. ASU is butt hurt because it has no accomplishments in anything but a few minor conference wins.

Bet your team didn’t make the tournament, did it?

Kind of sad when a program who has experienced so little success thinks it is smack talk to put down another teams loss in finals of a college World Series or a loss well into the Big Dance when they have only witnessed such events on television.

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