Budda got his first NFL carries last week

Got past everyone with the TSU game, etc., but Alex got two carries for no yards in the Seahawks’ loss to the Rams on Sunday. Seattle is 0-2 and offensive line problems are a big reason why, so until they get that fixed, I doubt Budda is going to get much production.

JWill has not gotten any carries for the Bills through two games, but only one reserve back has a touch – Reggie Bush has three carries for -4 yards. They just fired their offensive coordinator, though, so we’ll see if the new guy spreads the ball around a little more.

Yeah, I’ve got the NFL Sunday Ticket so was reviewing the game on DVR-delay and saw that. There was NO yardage to be gained on either run - not AC’s fault.

Like most RB, he needs to be in for a series or two to get a rhythm . . . not sure that Seattle OL is going to be much help.