Bud Walton Time Share

I see it as a real problem that people buy season tickets and then really don’t care enough to drag themselves to the arena. It really cheats fans that don’t have the money for season tickets, but can afford to pay for several games a year.
Why does Arkansas not develop a time share program where season ticket holders can inform the ticket office that they will not be attending a particular game or games and allow those ticket to be purchased by fans at a reasonable price?
Seems it would help the season ticketholder financially, help the team by having fuller houses and allow more fans to see the team live one or more times a season.
You can tell that Muss is not happy about this current situation and the fans that have more money than desire to see the team play are a serious issue.
How many of those tickets are purchased by companies that only use them to seduce clients? Some of those empty seats are pretty prime.
Lets try to use creative thought for the benefit of all?


I worked in Chicago in 08-09. I went to every Blackhawk hockey game that I could. You could buy “turned in” season tickets at a steep discount.

In the winter it was not unusual for it to be blizzard like conditions and 25 below zero. Season tickets holders didn’t go and out-of-towners like me did.

I bought tickets at the United Center will call window.

So Arkansas could do this too. And it would likely be a lot easier with today’s technology.

This is a policy which used to be in effect at UA

when the arena was sold out during Nolan’s heyday you could release you tickets for purchase if you weren’t attending.

It’s actually still an option to transfer, but you have to make the contact with someone else to do it

ticketmaster does that for NHL now especially Chase card holders.

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