Bubbly, bacon and pancakes

What better way to start a morning like this than a little champagne, bacon and pancakes. It’s time to tailgate folks. Sun up to sundown this has the potential to be a very awesome day for the Razorback family. Remember extra syrup means extra energy!

I’ve got 2 bowls of chili percolating, piles of chips and salsa and queso, even a cheese/veggie tray. DJ’s favorite tequila, Eric’s favorite bourbon, Kirk’s favorite canadian whiskey, pool table cleaned off…3pm Kentucky game, 7pm McGregor fight, in between NFL.

What a day!


No Proper 12? I mean there is a McGregor fight :grin:

good point, I’ll have to make another run to Colonial liquor!


Umm, there are no NFL games today. Both games are tomorrow (Titans at Chiefs at 2, Packers at 49ers at 5:30).

why would they schedule both on sunday?! must have known they can’t compete with the AR-KY game. or mcgregor, lol



Darn. Y’all make me feel like I’m living a pretty boring life. Walked the dogs before sunrise, had oatmeal for breakfast and now reading HI outside under my palm trees while the dogs patrol the yard.


Can’t celebrate a victory but I’m not sulking. Cam home. Built a big fire. Busch light is cold. Watching basketball. Just glad we had a chance today. Not how I want to celebrate but at least I feel like we will have that opportunity sooner than later… and I made enough pancakes this morning for leftovers tonight! Go hogs!

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Conference championship games are both always on Sunday. More like McGregor was scheduled to avoid the NFL.

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