With this play that is our hope…

Thank Goodness Auburn is like 1-13 and not 13-1 or something, huh?

Yeah… premature on my part, just frustrated. Should have held off posting anything

Well almost all sec teams have good records.
So I guess we can get ready for these type of retorts if/when we keep dropping these road games?

Pretty sure Mike Anderson won’t be rationalizing another ugly road beatdown on his senior led squad with “well, they have a good record.”
Ya think?

I think Auburn has a good team but not as good as we’re making them look… this loss makes the one at Miss St. hurt a bit more… we’re going to need some wins on the road and losing one we had every chance to win is going to possibly haunt us …

Arkansas has not played well this week.

But to act like the rest of games they have won mean nothing is just simply an overreaction in my opinion

Auburn may turn out to be a great team.

Mississippi State lost on the road today.

The SEC is better.

If Arkansas wins two home games next week they will be at the same place they are today - which is with the same record in SEC play as last year.

Is Arkansas a bubble team today?


I for one don’t feel that the games they’ve won previously mean nothing… not by any means. They’ve been very impressive. BUT… I think the expectation was that this years team would not be happy sitting exactly where they were last year. It’s a long season and the “we can’t win on the road” mantra is starting and the “Mike can’t get it done” crowd is out as usual.

I think it’s early and this team definitely has the ability to play very well but they’ve also shown a propensity to get stagnant in the half court offense and if they aren’t hitting 3’s it gets tough. Hopefully those games are rare.

It was nice to see them come back and make it interesting the last few minutes… showed some moxie.

We’ll win a lot of games and be in the dance but maybe not as highly seeded as we’d hoped. Too early to tell for sure. The SEC is definitely better this year and it’s going to take its toll on many teams.

This one is over… GO HOGS!

We better not be a bubble team this year. If we don’t make the tournament and win 2 games then it is time we fund another buyout. Mike has had enough time to bring us back. I believe is is in the top 25 highest paid coaches, but after 6 or 7 years now we are still irrelevant. We are always suspect when we go on the road. We have waited long enough. He has 4 seniors starting. None of our back up guards have showed any consistency. We start all over again.

Sweet 16 or fired?


Tough crowd

I don’t think we are irrelevant but the poster has a valid point. Hog fans long to be great again. I grew up in the Sutton and Richardson eras. We were a great program… perennially in the top 15, consistently a threat to make the Elite 8, even the Final 4. Under Heath and Pelphry, we were poor to average. When Mike came back we hoped he could return us to the status we once held. He has improved the program a great deal. We are now an average to good program but for Hog fans, especially those of us who lived through the glory days and know what the program can be, it’s not enough. I admit, every year I get suckered in. We have a solid non conference season and often resemble the teams of the past and U get excited. I think…This is the year we become a college hoops power again. Then the conference season begins and my bubble is burst. It’s not that I think we will be bad, it’s just that I realize we will not be great. I guess it’s my fault. I probably need to permanently lower my expectations. It’s just that it’s hard to do that when you’ve seen what the program can be and you want so badly for it to be that again.

I was already an adult in the Sutton and Richardson eras but have been a Hog fan for 6 decades… I remember listening to the basketball (the runnin’ Razorbacks!) team on the radio when I was a kid and going to a few games when Barnhill was still bleachers with sawdust and I was in Charlotte when they won it all. Yep, I’m old. I agree that the expectations to be where we were in the 90’s are probably not realistic but it is hard… and I don’t know why we can’t do that again… lots of basketball talent in this state and facilities are not an issue. We’re good, but not great and that’s probably where we are. This season is still young and there is still hope but with this many seniors my expectations were higher and that is my fault. I get suckered in every year as well. I used to get that way about the football team but got over that a couple of years ago. Really wanted to see another national championship in football and/or basketball before I leave this earth but I honestly don’t see that happening… but yet, I still hope and will get excited again I’m sure… just love my Hogs.

Mike may get us to be a perennial NCAA appearance team at the least and I so hope it happens.

This will be two seasons in a row making tourney and it’s a start.

I have always wondered if Mike was good cop to Nolan’s bad cop with players back in the day and perhaps still today.

Maybe more bad cop is needed from time to time.

Would love to see more than a token press and all out play, but maybe Mike is just short some players still.

After missing some recruits he hit jack pot with Barford and Macon for sure and seems to have some good young talent and maybe can make run at tourney next year after what should be a team making tourney this year we hope.

I have seen new practice facility and there is nothing keeping us from being elite again anymore.

Nolan has none of these facilities.

TCU, Texas Tech, Houston, Auburn, seem to be doing well quickly creating NCAA programs.

We can be perennial powers too in my view.

Maybe it’s some introspection of coaching or a few players but I’m sure we can get it done.

So which is it, 6 years or 7 years? Lots of really good teams don’t win two in the tournament. Look at the bigger picture. Much better talent this year and for years to come. I plan on enjoying this year but there is a bright future as well.

No way we need to let Mike go. I personally think we will be deeper next year and will hopefully have a top 10 lottery big. And the crop of instate talent is very good coming up, no reason to start over now. Losing these two games is rough bc they aren’t ranked and we needed at worst to split. Let’s see what happens at home. We all know Pearl and Howland pay players, Adidas helped with that. Pearl may not be coaching much longer…Howland bought our best commit a last year. So they have talent. I did get frustrated with what seemed lack poor defensive play yesterday.

Six or seven years - how long has he been our coach? I can’t keep count …All the seasons seem to be the same. Look great at home and are a totally different team on the road. Every year it is the same old same old. If we are playing a top 25 salary we should be consistently in the top 25… Not always being on the bubble. How many tournaments have we made in his tenure?.. 2 Stan Heath did the same.

Totally out in left field with that! MA is a winner!