Bubble, here we come

ready or not! 5 steps forward and the biggest giant step backward of the year.

We jumped from in the Dance to the bottom of the barrell

We were on the bubble

That bubble burst in Columbia.

I’m really curious to see where Lunardi puts us. If he still has us in the field that’s very encouraging, even if it’s a last 4 in. I don’t know if I ever seen a team go from a projected firmly in the field to completely out of the picture after 1 loss no matter how bad it was, this late in the season.

Our current RPI is 37 now. Missouri’s RPI is now 245. They were 262.

I think biggest thing now is we gotta off-set that loss. A South Carolina or Florida win goes from being important, to now critical. I was hearing people tweet we need to finish 7-1 to have a shot. I think a 6-2 would still do it, if USCe or Florida is in that 6 and there’s not another bad loss. Then we still have the tournament. We should be able to pick-up a win or 2 there as well.

Also, there’s still other factors as well. We need Tennessee to continue playing well, because they are currently our best win. If they can play themselves into the field that would give us a quality win against a team in the field. Also, with Missouri, hopefully this gives them some confidence. TBH, I’ve watched them several times this year, they are a bad team, but they always play hard and give themselves a chance in a lot of games. People forget they took Xavier to OT, only lost by 4 to Ole Miss, even South Carolina had trouble putting them away. Best case scenario for us is Mizzou getting some confidence after this and pulling off a couple more upsets and getting their RPI below 200, that would help us tremendously.

Solid 9 seed wasn’t on the bubble. However, a loss to the worst team in the SEC almost certainly drops us to the bubble. We will probably be in the last 4 in or maybe even the first 4 out. Certainly can’t stumble to any teams left not named FL or SC.

8/9 seed is not on the bubble. Bubble is considered anywhere from the Last Four Byes to the Next Four Out.