How do you pronounce his name?

So the brick wall was A DWI??? How many years ago was that?

WHAT other stopper was there? (Road Blocks)

Style?? UPtempo I guess.

What other stoppers were there?
E-Mail me if you care NOT to post that here.

Fire in the belly? Who is his agent??

Anyone else care to post or share or a link?? Or a game he has coached???

I’m calling BS on the BWI. We would have few people doing ANYTHING if that was thew Stopper. I’d be in trouble. But it has been 30 years since.

The only yield signs were named Beard and possibly Marshall.

And you are taking rumors or roadblocks and looking at them as facts.

The DWI happened when he was at Sacramento and he was at .11.

Be really hard for me to criticize him for it since I had one myself about the same time. Learned my lesson, better man because of it.

Fire? Well, he is the exact opposite of Coach Anderson in terms of showing it. … gent-kids/

His up-tempo team averaged 80 points last season, gave up an average of 68 and shot about 40 percent 3-pointers.

Think Golden State.

Most that haven’t had a DUI just didn’t get caught.

100% true.

No one is perfect! Look around college sports and you will find coaches that have much bigger issues than one DUI or DWI.
I haven’t had one myself but I have went and picked a lot of people up in my earlier years that needed a ride home after drinking. Learning from mistakes is part of growing up. Give him a chance.
He isnt in the cross hairs of the FBI scandal!