BTW y’all, it’s Feleipe

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Good luck getting this bunch to care

Bless you.

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You know what? I actually do care. I’ve spelled it wrong on here more than once. I’ve had my name misspelled my entire life. Appreciate the correction. I won’t do it again.

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You are welcome Don. I do try. Bumper’s last name is Pool.

And razorgator, when people know that I am a woman, they try to spell my name with an i or ie. I would rather get mail sent to Mr. Marty C than see my first name misspelled.

Of course, the truly annoying misspelling happens when someone responds to a Facebook post and spells it wrong … right under the correct spelling. That always makes me shake my head.

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My name is Clay Henry. Jean Ann thought I was Henry Clay for a few dates. I didn’t care. I was excited she would take my calls.


When in doubt I like to use initials. F. Franks works well. I have never done well with the Clark or Clarke thing. 50 % chance of being right on that, yet I never am. Including yesterday.

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They should. One of the most basic forms of respect is to spell and pronounce a person’s name correctly. If one doesn’t care about that then they shouldn’t care for being called out and/or ignored all together.

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Maybe it’s a teacher thing. When I have students who have both a first and a last name that are common first names, it’s so easy for me to reverse them when I’m trying to learn names. I have a student this year that I keep having to think what his first name is for the same reason, and I’ve called him by his last name a few times (thinking it was his first name).

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Well played Marty with a Y. I am guilty as charged, misspelling his name the other day.

Feleipe’s spelling of his name is unusual. I can see why people get confused.

Clay did Jean Ann think you were a descendant of the famous Kentucky Senator?

I’ll guess Clay is putty in Jean Ann’s hands…

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Clay joke!

One golfer friend called me mud at the state amateur when we were finishing in the rain. Clay turns to mud in the rain.

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