BTW, on the coaching search- We're Holding

A good point was made on another thread. Be looking for the Auburn group try and extend Gus’s contract this week.

They know we’re after him. If they do not, make that contract deal and Auburn loses to Georgia look for Arkansas to make it’s move.

Gus is still #1. Also I am 2 for 2 on info before the last 2 falls.

Could I be wrong? Sure. Be looking for Gus to be our next HC.

Go Dawgs!!


I will be shocked if it’s Gus.

Wow. Thanks for intelligence. Would think Sexton doing all he can to negotiate new Auburn deal before Saturday.

But will Gus sign new Auburn deal if gets what he’s asking them?

I have said I want Charlie Strong. But I would much prefer Gus to most of the other names being tossed around. I too will be shocked if its Gus. For one…I expect Auburn to beat UGA next weekend…further delaying and causing problems.

Still makes 0 senses to me why he would do such a thing, but maybe. This is screwy deal from the start. Heck, he could fly his wife to AR every day with what he is and will be making if need be.

If Georgia wins I think there is still a decent chance it’s Gus, but he’ll have to decide quickly. If not I think it will be Norvell - not buying the “ red flag” stories out there.

AU will lose this weekend.

100% agree
IF… and it is a big IF… he wants to come to arkansas that bad.
he is our guy

he is looking to come home
he is looking for long term security
he is looking for a sweater vest statue outside RRS

If CBB cannot win in the SEC West at Arkansas, why would any premier P5 HC want to risk a tour at Arkansas. I don’t see it. Suspect the Hogs end up with a younger, less resume-ed guy.

The only reason he would give it any thought I would imagine is:

  1. He is always 1-2 losses away from being on the hot seat again-remember they fired Chizik 2 years after he won the NC
  2. The AD is leaving June 30…he won’t know who his boss will be…have heard that Tuberville really wants it…would they get along? Or as part of this process does Gus insist he be part of the AD selection…could be a negotiating chip.

Having said that I do not think Gus was ever serious about leaving. He is trying to force their hand and get some iron clad job security IMO.

As of 7:30PM the plan has not changed.

Colorado, this is what a plan that was set in motion last year.
AS I have stated sure things can change. Gus wins Saturday then it’s on to plan B.

Those are 2 good reasons. Gus feels underappreciated. SURE the guy makes a ton of money. AD change. And me making the wife statement is true. Sure he can zip her home on a jet.

BUT what if Gus wanted to come home too? What about that Colorado do you not understand? Job security

Remember the 2 losses? Well they wanted to fire him then. 2 guys at Auburn want him gone.

The people involved feel pretty confident Gus will come if he loses Sat. Will know soon.

Bingo!! It’s what I have been saying for awhile.

Info from several text’s over time about 2 certain people way before they were gone.

He want’s to come home.

Again Go Dawgs !!

I’m like so many, will believe it when I see it. I understand the reasoning because the fan base will be pissed at him again if they lose Sat.

He doesn’t like it there, period. They want to come home…