BTW I received my HI magazine today

I just got up from a nap and Brenda brought something home to eat. She was reading HI as we ate. I haven’t looked but it looked like she was reading about Men’s basketball. I didn’t have any glasses on so I’m actually not sure. It’s been in my mailbox probably since 2pm.

Just for anyone’s information.

And YES Clay Brenda reads your magazine…

OUCH- for full disclosure I guessed Women’s soccer… This getting old is for the birds. I skimmed through. No pic of women. LOL

Bump, so some wondering about the HI magazine, it’s should be at your home soon!!

I was the one asking about it, thinking that tomorrow was the mail holiday, but it is Saturday. Turns out, I didn’t need to worry. For the first time, I got mine on a Thursday!! So, I’m good to go.