Bryson Washington at franklin

I have been watching these Texas high school championships this week. This Bryson Washington kid at Franklin high school can flat out play. Is he big enough to play? He is definitely explosive.

Not someone I’ve heard Arkansas is focused on. Can always change.

This kid sure is good in this game. 6’0 185lbs. Plays rb and safety.

One helluva game if you have Bally sports.

Richard you might want someone to check out Malcolm Murphy from Franklin too.

Have you heard about him either?


I watched bits and pieces of that game. Lots of good, well coached high school players on small school teams. Franklin had a couple of skill position guys who might get to play college ball somewhere.

Always hard to tell in these games whether a player is just a better athlete than the opposition or if the kid really could be a high level college player. I guess that’s one of the reasons college coaches love camps so much.

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