Bryson Warren will attend

Link Year Prep in Branson, Mo. for his junior year.

Mason Jones attended Link.

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There might be another HS prospect transfer in the works.

The way of the world now

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Ugh. Looks better in the red and white!

Might be a loaded central Arkansas team, huh?

This will be a different team than mason played for. Link Year Prep is the team Mason played on after high school. Link Year is starting an Academy as well. Bryson will be playing for the Link Year Academy, not the Link Year Prep team.

A source close to the situation told me Link Year Prep.

Link Year Prep is for extra year. Link Academy is for high school students. Warren will be playing for the Academy team. Also 2023 PG Trey Green is transferring to Link Academy from Lake Christian Norman in North Carolina. The Academy team is new from what I understand.

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I can’t speak for Link Year, but most “Prep schools” play the recruited elite basketball players on their “Prep/varsity” basketball team. That is regardless if they are Sophs to seniors, or post grad students.

I would guess, in the case of Warren, for academics, he would be attending Link Academy, but playing on what they call their “Varsity basketball team”. That’s the team that plays in leagues with other basketball prep schools.

As I said, I can’t speak specifically about Link year. They may be different than most?

Lawson Blake the 6’10" walkon Razorback played at Link Year prep in Branson. He was originally from Fayetteville.

I appreciate the technicality, but it’s the same overall organization. That’s the point I was making.

Rocket explained it, and he’s correct. He clearly knows their setup.

They’ve had a successful post HS “prep” team for about 10-11 years. It has had a varsity (recruited players) and a JV.

This year, as Rocket explained, they’re adding a HS team. Warren is playing for the HS team.

And, it says it right in Warren’s tweet. Link Academy. The HS.

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