Bryson Warren transferring from NLR

To LR Central per Twitter.

I think he went to Sylvan Hills in 7th and 8th grade.

I don’t get all the transfers now days.

As long as Brian Ross is the coach at Central, they will be one of the best teams in the state. Kids want to play for winning programs, and Central has a coach that will ensure they are one such program.

It won’t take long for Colleges to start calling Coach Ross. He is top notch.

Nowadays? This is recruiting. It has been going on for ever. I remember when my son was playing high school ball in 1990s. We had a few Little Rock high school coaches come to our house, pitching their school

You’re right PJ. Recruiting has been going on in high school as far back as the mid 60’s I know for sure even in small B schools. Of course I’m talking basketball.

I totally agree on Coach Ross. LR Central has underachieved in Hoops for a long time. Those days are over.

I believe there will be several more transfers to LR Central this year. I have heard about an upcoming Senior and Sophomore (brothers) that are planning to join the program and both have game enough to really help. Great shooters with ball skills. I would mention names, but I am not 100% sure of the information… I just know that is the word and they are not practicing with their former team this week.

HINT: RD did a story on one of them this year.

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