Bryson Warren season stats

Bryson Warren 19 games
159/304 52% FG
50/107 47% 3’s
94/117 80% FT
24.3 pts. 3.9 reb. 3.7 ast. 2.9 st

Conference only 7 games
68/117 58% FG
26/49 53% 3’s
27/34 79% FTs
27.0 pts 3.9 reb. 4.2 ast. 3.0 st


IMO, Bryson, as a soph, may be the best basketball player in the state. Or at least, a very close second to Nick (a junior). As a freshman, I thought he was clearly the best freshman in the state. I don’t understand why he doesn’t get more pub nationally as a sophomore. Is it just his size?

Lack of spring and summer ball. Hopefully there will be summer ball and he’ll get all the pub he wants.

Richard, something that would help us hoops heads is knowing which AAU teams these kids plan to play for. I know all may not be set, but if you don’t mind asking, that would be great.

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