Bryce Thompson's father talks recruiting, Hogs … tention-2/

Very Jaylen Barford like Offensively…

I think it will be an Arkansas-Okla. St battle here.

First time I have seen highlights of this young man.

Interestingly enough, the player he reminds me of (somewhat) is . . . his recruiter, Scotty Thurman. Doesn’t seem to be a “high flyer”, but is smooth and almost relaxed looking in everything he does.

He’s a priority for Mike & I think he gets him, scholarships are tricky these next 2 years with Hill, Gueye/Hawkins, Williams, Moody, Moore and Thompson… that’s 6 spots if they only take 2 this year…

I thought Clint McDaniel…

MA an staff need to beat out the newbie in Boyton then.

Who has the edge?

Some of you are already counting scholarships and who will fill them for future classes, I’d tell ya’ll to pump the breaks on Moore and Moody. As those two watch their options increase and the blue bloods come calling whose to say that they sign with our Hogs? It won’t be easy for Arkansas to compete with those programs that are willing to put a little extra in order to sign top tier players.

Go Hogs!

You may be right, but if you were to tell me that we would fail to sign any of Moore, Moody, or Thompson, then I wouldn’t be surprised if our current staff would be in serious trouble.

Put a little extra what in? Money?

I might say Arkansas because of Keyshawn and Lee’s relationship with Rod, but that’s just a guess.

I say OSU because they’ve visited Stillwater several times.

I think it’s a push at this point. (Even).
Because of relationships with players on the roster and former players and the staff.

As far as blue bloods after Moore and Moody anything is possible. I also believe the blue bloods pay cash on both ends.