Bryce Thompson

Has entered that transfer portal.

Be interesting to see our interest. Listed 6-5, similar size as Taze.

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We were one of his group of finalists as i recall. Would be interesting to see where this goes. Big time potential.

Bryce and his pops visited the Hill when Anderson was here.

Muss Buss I bet has already made contact.

What say you Richard?

Hogs should have a good shot at him. Arkansas was a finalists hen Muss was recruiting him and I thought he was Arkansas bound when he made the OV with the previous staff.

He did like Oklahoma also. So, they could be a candidate for his services.

A top 20 recruit (247) last year. Big guard, but not exactly stellar stats with the jayhawks. 6th man for Kansas. 17 mpg - / 4.6 ppg - / 35% fgs / 22% - 3 pt / 64.7% - FTs. Probably a little disappointing for a 5-star recruit.

Probably lots of potential as a 5-star. He only played in 20 of 30 games - injury? He’s got 3 years eligibility left. ???

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Yes, he was injured at Kansas. Wasn’t the same when he came back from the injury.

I would certainly watch out for Tulsa where his dad Rod played under then head coach Bill Self.

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You are right. Do you think OSU will be in there too? Coach Boynton seems to be getting a lot of traction.


He’s def a stud and I’d assume one you’d take no matter the numbers. I know for sure his dad is a great person and have never heard anything bad about Bryce. I’m hoping we pursue hard.

We can’t take everyone, or every guard.

In addition to KU, UNC, Okie State and OU were the finalists. UNC and OU have different staffs. Okie State is who I’d watch unless they don’t have a spot.

Boy, he’s be a perfect fit here.

I’m sure no basketball recruiting expert but I’d bet he’s better than somewhere around 75% of the players we’ve had on campus the last 20 years. I’ve never even seen him play but Being from Tulsa I’ve read articles about him for years and I heard his dad preach at my church 2/3 years ago and I’m not sure I’ve ever liked a sermon much more. Just going on those assumptions. Could be way off for sure just based on that info but there’s a damn good chance I’m right too.

Oh I forgot to add he started at Kansas as a Freshmen when healthy.

That was Selfs elite 8 team at Tulsa right ?

Dudley are we in it at all ?

Dad’s alma mater, Tulsa, should not be overlooked here.

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