Bryce Thompson interview … e-thompson

So, wha’d he say?

You have to listen.
Sometimes I do, but sometimes I don’t.

I always read. At least thirty hours per week.

He’s had a big spring and summer and more elite teams have come after him.

He’s added to his game, especially to his jumper in terms of technique, distance and accuracy.

He’s taken all five of his official visits and doesn’t really know about any other unofficial visits.

It’s times to just think it all over.

Dudley, do you think we are in his final two?

I just can’t say yes or no with any degree of certainty on that now.

EM and his staff have done a good job of hanging in there.

Thanks. I want to think we are a serious possibility for
Bryce; however, I fear we are behind OU. I like to think
that if he leaves Oklahoma, we will be where he goes
over Kansas.

He would be a lightning rod for our Hogs.

I put the blue bloods - UNC, KU and Michigan State - above everyone else.

I agree. When his stars went up, we fell out of his top schools. If he picks a non-blue blood, it will be where he has the best and longest relationship.

Yeah, and it doesn’t help that he has family relationships with all three of those blue bloods.

When will parents care? All three of the schools razor mentioned have been investigated at some point! Does it matter any more?

it will matter when the punishment fits the crime imo.

Would you say that we have basically zero chance at any of these guys that “the blue bloods” offer?

Just looking at some of the comments one could fairly conclude that Bryce Thompson, Moses Moody, Chris Moore, and a few others aren’t seriously considering us once the blue bloods offered.

If this is the case, aren’t we wasting time and effort on these guys? And, should we perhaps back off of these high 4 star and 5 star type players? After all, spending 3-4 years on a kid developing a relationship that doesn’t matter once UNC, Duke, Kansas, Kentucky offer seems like a waste doesn’t it?

You never give up on in-state guys and there has been no reason put forth by these kids that Arkansas should.

I believe that Arkansas is in the top two of all four in-state 2020 kids that EM has offered.