Bryce Hamilton

Staying at UNLV. Unreal.

Just don’t know what we are gonna do now boys. I’d been on the BH train for several weeks. :pensive: :cry:. Let’s hope RD has something up his sleeve he can share with us all.

LOL. Welcome to the world of the portal and college recruiting.

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Yes Senor Davenport! The sun will come up tomorrow and we’ll hopefully have some new guys to discuss RD! Portal never ends!

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Any names to watch for, RD?

Not RD, but yep, there are some names to watch for. Some you’ll like, some you’ll scratch your head and say “Huh?” Just remember, no one knows what Muss or the kids are thinking.

It ain’t over till it’s over. Justin Smith didn’t come on board here till June or July I think. Not worried.

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Senor RD is this your way of telling us Bryson is the next one to watch?

Feeling better today as I said earlier the sun came up today and looking forward to new prospects who could help the hogs. My wife called me Mr. Grumpy yesterday after the news came out but reminded me that we’d be alright and would still add some talented guys and that Senor RD would give us the word when the time comes so trying to be patient.

I think B-Will is one we would all be happy with! He is my new favorite!

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