Bryant update

Kelly Bryant has arrived for his visit, according to Richard.

I just saw a tweet asking why Arkansas would bring Kelly Bryant in for a visit when we already have Ty Storey coming back for his senior year. I’m like what universe are you living in, dude?

Plus there is no guarantee that Ty comes back since he has graduated.

I went back and looked at the moron who didn’t see how Bryant would be better than Storey. The guy writes for Gridiron Now, whatever that is. Clearly hasn’t watched Arkansas play. Or has no clue about college football. Or both. Which I told him.

Always consider the source of the story as well as who wrote it! That’s writer must have very little knowledge about hogs football!
Bryant would provide a breathe of fresh air to our football team.

lol probably some one pretending to be an Arkansas fan

Nope, pretending to be a college football writer.

Gridiron Now claims to be another SEC news site, but only focuses on Bama, AU, LSU, and Georgia. Joke of a site.

I know that most kids want to be “the man”, but in a RPO offense, it appears the QB is going to take some hits, so more than likely more than one will get a lot of time on the field.

Why the better RPO QB’s are 225 lbs plus & fast. IE - Kelly Bryant & the likes.

I guess this is the first time that I’ve seen this. Ty has graduated already? So, he could be an immediately eligible grad transfer for someone if he decided to leave?

Yes, that is accurate if he wants to do that.

But right now, I expect him to come back.

Is Wally moonlighting?