Bryant predictions

This might be a fun thread. No clue for me but I’ll predict it won’t be Arkansas, sure hope I’m wrong.

I’ll predict auburn.

Hogs -



Doesn’t want to hurt feelings.
Enters the Draft.


Not Arkansas


I’ve read countless theories and articles none of which has a clear picture(though they claim they do) of where Bryant maybe leaning. Our esteemed writers have said others in Fayetteville have a good feeling, and until Bryant tells me differently, I’m going with their thoughts.

Another thing, I understand why people say Auburn may have more pieces, but other than A&M, I’ve never seen a team consistently fall on their faces with the talent they have than Auburn. Yeah, Auburn may have star ratings but they’ve proven in the last few years to underachieve more than achieve, so I’m wouldn’t be quick to say Bryant would be instantly successful there.

I like Missouri, Bryant has been use to winning and Missouri gives him a better chance than anyone else.


I think Auburn makes the most sense, but think Missouri is a better situation for him.

That being said, I am not counting out Arkansas because of Coach Morris.

But I think everybody is just guessing.

Wouldn’t you have loved to been a fly on the wall for that in-home visit last week

Do you think the coaching staff knows or did he told them of his decision or do you think they’re just waiting like everyone else?

By the way… And I’m sure they put on their best face… But I’ve heard Auburn is a basket case internally

I think they think they know.

But do they?

To me - it would be wise for him to stick with who he trusts- and that should be Coach Morris. you have one year, and how important is it to have a trust in your head coach? lots of big time talent coming in… would be exciting to be a part of.

Wouldn’t he be doing to Stidham what was done to him?

Not Auburn.

I would guess Missouri or Auburn. I also have a feeling North Carolina may still be a player. It’s unfortunate that we have so little to offer at this time.

I don’t know. Auburn is desperate right now.

Ha ha, I was gonna say that, you beat me to it

To me, KB should be looking at this as which situation he can gain the most from. Which school provides the best opportunity?

Does going to Auburn, getting a bunch of hype, and fizzing out like Stidham sound attractive?

Does Mizzou make the most sense with Dooley at the helm? Their offense didn’t really take flight this year with a QB that has a cannon for an arm.

At Arkansas, he has the chance to come in and make the most difference. If he can get us to 8 wins, he would be able to say that he was the reason for it.

Every scout in the NFL knows he has talent. He’s getting drafted no matter what. He can improve his stock by showing he can be THE guy. I think Arkansas is the best place to show that capability.