Bryant @ Arkansas game 2

It’s 42 baseball degrees at beautiful Baum Stadium. #WPS

BRY @ ARK 02/25
Cole RF
Arledge LF
Bonfield DH
Koch C
Fletcher CF
Shaddy 3B
McFarland 1B
Biggers SS
Williams 2B

Stephan P

I have enjoyed seeing the Razorback win 5 games. However, I now have a few concerns. I think we have some work to do in order to compete in the SEC. We have some guys who can hit. Some of the others who should hitting are not. Some of our pitchers are very inconsistent. We have a team .282 batting average and a team .300 ERA. That would probably be okay if we had just completed the SEC stretch. For the level of competition so far I’m not all that impressed. But…the season is young. This week at La Tech and Frisco will tell us a lot. I will be in Frisco and I hope I’m reasonably happy on March 6th.