Bryan Hunt on his NIL venture

Nice background and some thoughts from the Hunts responsible for the AAC.

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At least this assistance is now legal. Who knows how many millions have passed under the table for decades? Guns, cars, houses, multiple thousands in cash, not just the Ben Franklin handshakes.

I wonder if bagmen will file for unemployment?

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Disability, maybe?

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After reading this, it now makes sense to me.

“Under advisement from several legal entities, we decided to establish AAC as a limited liability company,” he said. “It was important to us to assist, not compete with, various 501c3 organizations by being one ourselves.

The LLC (a tax paying entity) pays JD for helping with ads and with his help at fund raising events, etc. The net money they raise goes to actual 501C3 charities. It’s a novel and terrific way to use NIL for the benefit of the charities and the athlete. A true 501C3 organization would have a hard time keeping their tax free status if they had large increases in expenses, while sending fewer dollars to their recipients.


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