just brutal. Saw a little of the Finebaum show today and we have become a joke. They had a lsit of 10 things that would happen before Arkansas beats Bama things such as aliens coming to earth, Bret Bielema making a hole-in-one, etc.

They also said that Bama had a 98.1% chance of beating Arkansas. Laura Rutledge asked Finebaum if he had ever seen a percentage so high for an SEC team vs SEC team and Finebaum snickered “No”.

We have become a laughingstock.

I remember watching the 52-0 beatdown in 2013 and thinking in a few years from now after Bielema has had time to recruit a few OL classes we’ll physically be able to play with Bama. They may still beat Arkansas but the days of it being a complete physical mismatch on the lines of scrimmage are over. We actually played them well in 2014 and 2015.

Well…five years in to the " we’ll build our program from the inside out" regime taking over we are very likely going to be beaten on the lines of scrimmage as bad or worse than we were that first year.

Sad that our program is basically back to where it was when Bielema took over and the high water mark was a 7-5 season and a Liberty Bowl win over a K State team with a 4th string QB.

Based on the betting odds, 98% is about right.

Paul Finebaum will do whatever he can to endear himself to Alabama fan base. Those are his people. I wouldn’t put too much stock into him poking fun at someone or something; his shots typically are taken at those who are down.

Also, Alabama has a 90-something percent chance to beat just about any team it plays.

Paul Finebaum is a Tennessee grad, but an Alabama shill. He loves the Tide…weird, but true.

He spoke to the Little Rock Touchdown Club several years ago and was very rude to one of the guests who asked him a question during the Q and A part of the program. It was embarrassing to me and the other people there. It was disparaging to the people of Arkansas and to the guy who asked him the question. I have not liked him since.

He must have a short memory. Bama was favored by 30 over OM 2 weeks ago. They’re currently favored by 28 over us.

They were favored by 25.5 at Tamu and (oddly) 20 at Vandy.

So, as Matt said this isn’t anything new. It’s just a chance for Finebaum to dog a team when it’s down.

PF was quoting from ESPN analytical projections which look depressing as Hawg fan but thankfully the games are played on the field.

Here is Arkansas … &year=2017

Ya. I figured that would be the excuse/rationale/distinguisher.

Your link doesnt work. I wonder what OM’s Big FPI chances were vs Bama.

Finebaum is employed both by ESPN and the University of Alabama. From his own mouth.

This. He also says Clemson fans are annoying. Perhaps it’s because of last year’s national title game.

Finebaum looks like a ferret & is Saban’s fluffer