Brutal Schedule

CBB has set the table for someone to come in and get good results pretty quickly imo (much like Danny Ford did for HDN). I personally hope he gets one more year. This young team has not gotten a break from the schedule or the gazillion injuries. I knew the schedule was a bear but a little quick research revealed the following.

Our six losses are to teams that are 46-14.
Of those 14 losses, only 5 are to teams outside the ap top 25.
TCU to Iowa State, A&M to UCLA, SC to Kentucky and A&M, LSU to Troy
I think the early losses to TCU and A&M really hurt from a confidence standpoint and now the injuries have depleted an already thin roster.

I agree with your thoughts, but changes are coming with the staff just don’t know if it’s the top Hog or assistants or the butchering of the entire pig pen. WPS

Unless changes at the top sure going to be a lot of empty seats next year.

AR …39
Coastal Carolina …38

Tell how you can spin that into a positive!!!

We won!

Plus we beat them up and they got hammered the next week. Kinda like what Ala does to teams only slower

I agree, I would like him to have one more year at least.

If it is a nightmare you are not competing with the top teams for a good coach.

FLA State ??
AU ??
Are we a better landing place than any of these?

The Hogs won !!! WPS

That’s why their is an outside chance for BB. Who is going to be left out there that would bypass most of these programs. The phrase “wait till next year” might be used. Who knows. That’s why I just watch the games.

I like CBB and would give him another.
Very few seniors are in our top 22
We lost a lot of keys players: R Williams, Pully, Cornel. Yeah every school loses players but we have never been as deep as others
Technically Cole K is the first QB CBB recruited. AA was already committed. AA frankly is not as good as BA
This year s a bad year to get a coach. Give him another year and change 3 assistants. The fans will come

AR …39
Coastal Carolina …38

Tell how you can spin that into a positive!!!

We won. I️ guaranty you LSU would have accepted a one point win over Troy if they had that choice.

How can anyone say CBB has set the table for an incoming coach to be successful?? If that were the case then why can’t CBB have hardly any success with this table full of talent? Ohh someone is saying BB can recruit but when the players sign on CBB can’t coach them into highly winning team.

I agree that our schedule has been brutal. Had those losses been by 7 points or less, no question that CBB is good to go for another year. But, they weren’t 7 points or less. Many were blow outs and the two close wins against OM and CC are wins, but… I still hope we win out. I like bowls, even if they do occur before Christmas. I believe we have decent talent that doesn’t always plays as a team of winners every down. You can see where a deer in the headlights hesitation cost us a touchdown or a tentative throw results in a 4th down or worse. It’s the mental part of the game that perplexes me. This team is better than the points indicate, but I don’t have an answer.

I say that because I see young talent. I see speed in the young kids and I see quality recruits in key places. The three juco receivers should be much better next year. Oline historically is successful with 4th and 5th yr players and while we’re not there yet, we’ll be closer. We can win with the offensive personnel. Defensively we need Agim to live up to billing, a nose guard to be a factor, Pulley, Curl, Ramirez, and Brown to come through in the secondary. Honestly, I like next years team more than the one HDN inherited.

Whoa - that team HDN inherited was full of studs. Madre Hill, Anthony Lucas, Emmanuel Smith, Clint Storener, CJ McLain, Quinton Caver, Kenoy Kennedy, Randy Garner, Ryan Hale, Brandon Burlsworth, Chrys Chukwuma, Melvin Bradley, etc. Many more SEC football difference makers as compared to this bunch.

Revisionist history. Few thought they were ‘studs’ a year prior when they went 4-7 (after 4-7 the year before also), losing to SMU, 56-7 to Florida, and 6 of their last 7. They became ‘studs’ with experience gained while taking their lumps.

Not true - that 1997 team closesd strong leading a heavily favored Tennessee team in the 4th Q before falling late 30-22, beat a ranked MSU team 17-7 team, and losing a close game to LSU 31-21. It was obvious the team was getting better and was on the verge. It was the 1996 team that lost 56-7 to Florida.

This bunch almost lost to the worst team in the Sunbelt, and is getting obliterated by everybody with a pulse in the SEC.


Nope. Look it up (like I did). Florida 56 Arkansas 7. Also 39-13 to South Carolina and a scintillating 19-9to Ole Miss. We did have some close ones but close doesn’t count. 4-7 followed by another 4-7. I doubt you were calling them Studs then. I sat in Shreveport and watched the debacle with SMU and I’m ashamed of what I wanted to call them.

I was on the sideline for the TN game and it was obvious we were improving and as I said beat a ranked Miss St. team following the close call against the Vols. The SMU debacle was early as was Florida. 97 team got better late in the year.

This team on the other hand is tanking