Brutal loss

Setting up for a bad weekend.

Just one of those nights. Problem is we used Cronin up for the weekend. But that’s the way it goes. Got to pony up and do what we did last Saturday at home.

CHOKED…Road woes continue.could pitch 100 inn and Cronin wouldn’t walk 3 men

We aren’t road warriors…doesn’t bode well for tournament time.

Yes. I’m afraid this was a choke. Knight got bothered by that walk following that bunt single. Cronin did fine for a while & then he went way south. All the while we were striking out when our time came. We never got a runner on base against France.

Yep. We were cruising. Then sunk the boat.
We had a chance for more separation in the West. On a night when LSU; Ole Miss and aTm all lost.

Needed to add on and just didn’t take good at bats.

Martin leading off the 9th and took 3 down the pipe FB and never swung the bat!! don’t understand that at all…unreal very unlike him!

The problem is pitching. We scored enough runs to win.

Knight can barely get out of the 5th inning it seems, Cronin left some pitches up in the zone.
DVH left Matt in too long, it’s baseball, we could sweep State tomorrow.

I’m sure the fans are taking the loss harder than the players. They are confident that they can come out tomorrow with a win if not a sweep. Let’s hope for the best.

I had a bad feeling when I saw Cronin was in that early. That’s too long to ask your closer to nurse a 2-run lead.

I agree. It seemed too early. Seems like DVH felt it slipping away and was hoping to salvage things. Miss St fouled off some good pitches in the 8th. You could feel it coming.

I disagree with the earlier poster. Five runs isn’t always enough on the road in the SEC–especially not after you get 4 early.

DVH burned Cronin for the series and now we have 2 grind tomorrow. We need to swing the bats and take some sting out of this loss quickly.

I got a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach when that 3 run HR went over the fence. Just could feel another one of “those” games coming. Although, the script on this one was a little different; we usually let the runs pile up in the middle innings, then rally to lose by one. This one run loss was after a 5-0 lead. At least we won’t have to hear that stat about not losing a game after leading after the 6th inning anymore.

And I feel that this was an “equal opportunity loss”; we were betrayed by a little bit of everything. We were all over the bases the first 5 innings. On the one hand, we FINALLY got a hit with the bases loaded, and it was a big one. On the other, we did nothing else BUT that one hit, which ultimately lost the game for us. We had runners on first and third 4 straight innings, I believe, and only scored on the HR that one time. And then, once they started their rally, our bats went silent.

And then there was the pitching. Knight was sailing along, looking as good or better than he has all season for 5 innings, and then the wheels came off. Then Cronin had a rare failure.

For good measure, there was the ONE error at the most critical of times, as they usually come for us.

So - yeah - typical for one of our losses this year. Very much the same 3 issues that has bitten us in our 6 or 7 other one run losses.

Still have a great team, and we’re still going to be a top 8 seed. But it is very frustrating to see HOW this team loses, when it does.

Yes, a tough loss. I think the home plate umpire was a little tight with the strike zone for our pitchers, not really bad but enough that it frustrated our guys. I am a huge supporter of Coach but I think he may be pulling Knight a little too soon. He has Cronin in the bullpen and he is complete enamored with the hard throwing lefthander. I believe Cronin is most effective for two innings (just my opinion). Last night Cronin looked more like the young sophomore he is than the superstar we expect him to be. I couldn’t believe that MSU’s reliever shut down our Razorback hitters. Yes, a tough loss. Hope the double header is better for the Hogs. I hope we have some effective relievers still left and I hope France is completely out of gas.

This is also a reason to not panic. This league is unforgiving at times, but last night it was the opposite. We took a tough L, but so did our main competition in the West. Hope for a division title is still alive and well.
This coming from someone who nearly threw the remote through the TV last night. It’s brutal, but not necessarily all that detrimental to the season as a whole if they can play well today.

That was indicative of the final few innings. Arkansas was not real aggressive at the plate and took a lot of first pitch strikes against France. I understand as a leadoff hitter you are inclined to take some pitches, but that was the kind of at-bat you cannot have to lead off a must-score inning.

I am Glad you mentioned that Matt.I didn’t see anything but our final at bat and I read where he got ahead in the count a lot and was wondering if we took a lot of strikes…I do not understand that at all!! pitchers want to get ahead in the count and more than likely going to try to throw a strike.why we take I don’t know! I would like to know if we are being told too!this team is too good to taking pitches that be hit hard! all those Martin took could have been hit out!

Arkansas was able to get ahead some against Pilkington, but it seemed France got ahead 0-2 on just about every hitter. France threw 51 pitches, 36 for strikes.

Two pitches were balls, but Arkansas did not swing the bat until the seventh pitch of the ninth inning.

IIRC, Arkansas led off the first FIVE innings with hits - yet, only scored one time (on the grand slam). Another example of the LOB issue I brought up in another thread before our last series.

Actually scored twice with the solo run in the fourth or fifth. But leadoff runners on in five straight innings and scoring only two of those is not a good percentage for college baseball.