Bruce Pearl press conference after loss

The GREASEBAG, I don’t who is more greasy , him, Wade, or Calapari.


Probably should have went back and counted all the " um" lol ole boy was clearly not trying to admit it was the craziest atmosphere he’d ever played in. Just said it was tough… well duh :rofl::rofl:

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Pearl looked/sounded like he just got off the phone with his loanshark/bagman.:dizzy_face:


Geeze he is hard to listen to.


If Pearl is moving his lips he is lying! I don’t like to see him on the sidelines let alone coach or hear him speak! The same can be applied to Wade and Greaseball Cal!


I think you got the dirtiest three. In a horse race they would all have a nose at the finish line.

Yes sir. They are 3 peas in a pot.

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