Bruce Pearl just made the statement

Auburn not just a top 25 team, but a top 25 program. Why aren’t we a top 25 program? What do we need to do to get there? I remember when we were thought of that way. Would love to be in the top 25 again some day.

First, state your definition of a Top 25 program and see if Auburn fits that definition.

Once you define what the goal is, answering your questions will be easy.

Pearl cheats everybody knows that

Without going through an actual review, I cannot truthfully say who the 25 would be, but if Bruce had a history of truth telling, he would probably be doing his cheating in Knoxville instead of Auburn. In other words I am skeptical about them being a top 25 program.

Well, as bad as I hate to admit it they are right now. If we’re lucky we end up in the top 100. Sickening if you ask me!

I guess my point wasn’t where Auburn thinks it is, but the fact that we are not a top 25 program. I remember watching for the rankings coming out each week to see where we would be. I just want to get back to the point where our program is talked about again. I know what statistically it takes to get there. I also know that good recruiting and coaching are required to get there. I just want to be relevant again.

Same here! Top 68 isn’t too much to ask even in a down year if you ask me.

Bruce Pearl is a PROVEN liar.

Pearl can kick rocks. I hope they get rolled tomorrow. Not only is he a slimy cheater but he’s also a tattle tale when others cheated him on a recruit.

Biggest crybaby in all of sports. Auburn is NOT a top 25 program.

Yeah and you as well as others sit back and watched that administration run him off…now you are complacent.

I don’t like him either, but that was a recruiting and marketing statement by him. He was telling recruits and parents that Auburn has arrived. Pretty smart if you ask me…

Got it. We share the same goal.

I thought we were on our way with Portis and Qualls and were ranked in Top 25, but then those two split early. We were Top 25 material again a year later with Dusty, Macon and Barford, got into Top 25 a few times but could not sustain it,

I thought we would not be Top 25 this year, but get back to it next year and stay there by keeping this freshman group together for four years, But now with all the negativity about the coach, fans discouraging recruits to sign with us, players unhappy with fans, I don’t where we are headed.

We were there just a few years ago and right on the edge of it for a while. It won’t take much to get back in. But with all the negative stuff going on, it may not be as close as I thought.

When are we going to stop using the Portis/Qualls excuse? I think it about time! First it was apr then them leaving early now other coaches cheating. One of Mike’s quotes is we never stop recruiting. If that’s true then he should never get caught off guard.

Rollingwithmike, you don’t even know me! I was totally against Nolan getting run off. I didn’t have a lot of influence over the powers that be. I always thought Nolan was a great coach and was sad to see him go. He also came out to our house to visit with us about our sheep and llamas we raised. Get your facts straight before shooting off your mouth, please!!!

We have problems with our basketball program. Fans who want to see it improve and are frustrated with things are NOT the problem. I’m really tired of this type of posturing - it’s clear you and several others here have decided you’re “better fans” than those who want to see changes in our direction…whether Mike charts that course or some else does. That’s nonsense. Your superiority complex is annoying.

Bruce Pearl is a “Punk”. If want to know if he’s lying look and see if his lips moved!
He just needs to keep hiring bag men that can get caught for him! 1 assistant last year fired and under the FBI hammer and another 1 this year under the FBI hammer!
I guess that might be what some people consider a top 25 program. He only has 2 players right now on his roster that we know for sure got paid to play. When the smoke clears he will be lucky to keep his job.

Cheaters should keep their mouths shut.

Of course, this man is incapable of that.

You’re wrong. There is absolutely nothing wrong with being frustrated with the program. There’s nothing wrong with thinking they should move on from MA.

But, when our fans repeatedly, publicly tweet about us being so bad that recruits shouldn’t come here, or when they talk about how awful it is, or when they personally attack players publicly, that doesn’t help anything for MA or the next coach or the program.

It’s destructive and counter-productive. Post that we should be better-fine. Post that in Year X MA should be better-fine.

But, mocking players, mocking our lack of national relevance, mocking the thought of good players coming here—that’s all selfish, immature behavior that does nothing to help solve the problem. It only makes it more difficult.

People need to grow up. I’m fine with them firing MA if they do.

But, if you think players and coaches and recruits don’t notice these behaviors, you’re just kidding yourself to make yourself feel better about your childish behavior.

And when I say “you” I don’t know if you act that way. I’m talking about people in general.

Your post suggests you probably do act that way, but I don’t know.

And, yes, I know every program has frustrated fans behaving badly. But that doesn’t mean it’s helpful in any form or fashion.

Fans aren’t the brunt of the problem, but some so-called fans getting on social media berating the coach & past/present Hog players & sending tweets to recruits about how bad our coach & program is doesn’t make for a healthy encouraging atmosphere. Dang sure doesn’t help the cause. What kind of “Fan” does that?
I’m not sure winning a NC would shut up those types.
All of us real fans want / expect a better product on the court. If changing coaches now produces that, great. If giving the current coach another year or so does, great also.
We fans should celebrate and/or complain amoungst each other, leave the coaches, players, and recruits out of it if you can’t be helpful or respectful.

Like I said we have basketball issues that those fans didn’t cause, but they need a sock in their mouth or go be a “Fan” elsewhere.

Very good post, what’s crazy to me is that the fans that are mocking the players and speaking very badly about them during the game are MA biggest defenders. I often wonder what MA would say to these guys that rant on his players by calling them dead weight and such. WPS