Bruce Pearl at

Jaylin Williams’ game.

As expected :wink:

Hope the fans there burst his eardrums with Hog Calls!

Did the bag man come with him to the game or is he waiting at Jaylins house?

Who are better friends? Devonta and Jaylin? Or Chris and Jaylin?

Are you at Jaylin’s game, RD? If so, can you shank Pearl? Seriously, if you are there, have there been any Hog Calls?

No. I’m not.

R D you still feeling good about Williams this Saturday?

Yes I do.

Thanks RD

I said the same about Chris until Friday. I would be surprised if things change for Jaylin.

I know Chris and Jaylin are good friends and have talked about playing together.

I have no idea about Devonte and Jaylin. Hope somebody answers that. Would love to know,

All of us are interested in this answer. Could be a pivotal signing for the Hogs going forward. On the surface, it seems like an easy decision. Jaylin would most likely start for the Hogs today. We have no front court depth. I have to trust that Jaylin knows this, and how much it means to us fans to keep him home. Auburn is gonna be on probation sooner rather than later. Just because Chris made a poor decision, it doesn’t mean Jaylin has to. Something special is happening with Arkansas Basketball, and Jaylin needs to be a part of it. Go Hogs!

I would be wary of Pearl’s visit. It’s about this time of the process that things can change on a dime. So to speak.

Afraid of what Auburn has been doing.

No one seems to seriously investigate Pearl.

The problem is that the NCAA has turned a blind eye to guys like Pearl or when punished that it’s nothing but a slap on the wrist. Pearl may be thinking the NCAA doesn’t really mean it’s finally getting tough on corruption. I can only hope the NCAA really intends to get tough on the corruption and slime like Pearl gets what’s coming to them.

Just like the s e c commissioner said they check all the coaches. The coaches like Pearl ,Calapari have the highest Intregraity​:face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

My stance on Jaylin remains the same - Pearl trip or not.

I think he’ll be a Razorback.

Actually Pearl at the game maybe good news for us. Pearl may be making a last push to get Jaylin. Pearl must feel Auburn is not in the lead.

If it changes, it will change on a lot more than a dime.